We’re Committed To Supplying Fresh, Premium Onions and Lettuce

Gurda Gardens onions and lettuce are available for FAST delivery throughout the East Coast and exporting outside of the county.

We deliver and export countless pounds of high-quality produce to large volumes of grocers from our PrimusGFS Certified HACCP packinghouse. The key to our consistent ability to ensure freshness and a quick delivery time is a focus on quality control, food safety, advanced technology, logistics, and great customer service and support.

An Experienced Team On your account

When you work with Gurda Gardens, you benefit from a dedicated team who seamlessly handles your order from placement to fulfillment and delivery.

Linda Bagley
Incoming Logistics & Receptionist

Linda ensures we source the freshest products possible. She makes appointments for all incoming loads, interacts with USDA for produce inspections and is responsible for other day to day logistics.


Katie Rufener
Food Safety

Katie is in charge of food safety. As a PrimusGFS certified HACCP packinghouse, Katie makes sure we are always following all regulations related to food safety standards.


Terri Eckert

Terri coordinates customer deliveries, including order processing and changes, truck assignments, and other miscellaneous logistic duties.


Jacalyn Gurda
Vice President

With her broad knowledge of onion growing and distribution from growing up on the farm, Jacalyn is a great asset to the company with an all around knowledge inside and outside of the office.


Michael Brown
Accounts Receivable & Payable

Michael is responsible for accounts payable and receivable. Handles billing and invoicing, any questions about your account just give him a call.


Wayne Gurda

Wayne with his is progressive thinking keeps Gurda Gardens running at 100% productivity all year, in an industry that is always changing.


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