We Know Your Product

We’ve been in the produce business for 39 years. Our family-owned company has operated in New York’s fertile Black Dirt region – an area known for its lush, fertile soil and onions – since 1978. Working with fresh onions and lettuce is in our blood.

The Capacity to Accommodate
Your Product

We work with growers from all over the country and deliver along the East Coast from New York down to Florida. Our PrimusGFS certified HACCP packing house utilizes electronic sorting and sizing equipment and quality control standards to ensure safe, reliable, and consistent packs. With a large number of loading docks, we can quickly process shipping and receiving orders, and drivers can rest in a comfortable room while waiting for loading or unloading.

Our Produce Is Always
Delivered Fresh

Products never sit for long on our shelves. We are committed to providing our customers with fresh, premium onions and lettuce. Our team prides itself on quick turnaround time and the ability to deliver in a timely manner on the East Coast.

Variety of Packs and Sizes,
Including Private Labels

We pack and distribute Gurda Gardens labels, as well handle private labels, in a variety of packaging sizes and types. Our standard packaging options include:

  • 15/3 lb. vexar
  • 15/3 lb. vexar
  • 16/ 3 lb. vexar
  • 20 / 2 lb. vexar
  • 10 / 5 lb. carry fresh
  • 16 / 3 lb. carry fresh
  • 20 / 2 lb. carry fresh
  • 50 lb. medium yellow
  • 50 lb. jumbo yellow
  • 50 lb. jumbo yellow
  • 50 lb. white
  • 25 lb. white
  • 25 lb. red
  • 25 lb. white boiler
  • 15 / 24 oz. white boiler carry fresh
  • Romaine• Romaine
  • Green Leaf
  • Boston 12 and 24 packs
  • Chicory 12, 16, and 24 packs
  • Escarole 12, 16, and 24 packs

Call us to learn more about our onion and lettuce packaging, supply, and exporting services.